Video Billboard image1.png

The Video Billboard feature allows players to use the decor item to display images or videos. Images allowed include those with the extensions png, jpg, bmp, tiff or tga. Videos will need to be in the .webm format. 

Use the drop down list in the items Video Billboard option to select image or video, then the one below it to select the image or video to use. If using your own image or video, select the folder tab. To have a personal video or image available, the player will need to place the media in the My Documents/Frontier Development/Planet Coaster/UserMedia folder on their PC. 

Other options include whether or not to mute the video during play, how long to play it for and whether or not the media will be activated using a Trigger

Below is a guide on how to use your own videos and images by Community Manager Bo from the Planet Coaster Official Forums that may help players having issues using this particular Billboard feature. 

  • Place down your Billboard screen and select it
  • From the dropdown menus, you can select ‘Image’ or ‘Movie’
  • All Billboards have an on and off state. You can select different images or videos for each state
  • ‘Image’ hosts your own images, in the User Videos tab
    • The following formats are accepted: .jpg, .bmp, .png, .tiff
  • ‘Movie’ hosts your own videos, in the User Videos tab. Videos must have the following specifications:
    • Videos in WEBM format
    • Videos encoded with VP8 or VP9 codecs (we recommend VP8 as it is more efficient)
    • Audio encoded with Vorbis or Opus codecs
    • Aspect ratio 16:9 or 1:1
  • Your images and movies live in your documents folder (like custom music). It typically looks like this:
    • My Documents/Frontier Developments/ Planet Coaster/UserMedia
  • You can add images and movies to this folder while the game is running. Just click the ‘refresh custom textures folder’ to get the latest list
  • Finally, Billboards can be linked as triggerable, like other triggerable objects! Try out Billboards with Coasters, Tracked Rides, Flat Rides or the new Display Sequencer for some epic cinema!

FYI: videos won’t be played on Billboards when you play in any sped-up mode. They will only work in real time!

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