Important News about the Steam Workshop! Any blueprints made in Alpha will not be available shortly after Beta starts. Please be sure to save your created designs locally and upload them to the Beta/Release Workshop when it's available. For more information, see this forum post .

Players can create shops, scenes, buildings, coasters and even entire theme parks and save them as a blueprint inside the game.  As Planet Coaster is linked directly to Steam, players can then upload their creations to the Steam Workshop and share them with other users. Any user wanting to download the blueprint to their own game, need only subscribe to the blueprint, and it will become available immediately. The cost to build the blueprint depends on the price of the items used to create it. While anyone can go to the Workshop and browse, and there are certainly a ton to look at already in Alpha 3, we strongly encourage players to share their creations on our Planet Coaster Wiki.

The way to access a blueprint in the game will depend on whether it is a park or not. Once a player subscribes to a Steam user's park, they can access it by clicking Play on the Planet Coaster main menu, go to My Parks and then click on the Download tab. The park should be available there. To load the park, click on it and "visit'. To remove a park from this tab, simply unsubscribe to it, either from the Downloads tab or from the Steam page. To access other types of blueprints, look for them in the My Blueprints tab in the game UI. 

If you choose to post your creation here, we ask that you register on our site and create a page using one or more of the supplied categories so that your design is easy to find. If you are fine with just adding an image and a link to the page on Steam, then use one of the gallery links below and add your image. In the description, use the 'link to when clicked" to add the full Steam URL. Discussions is also another great way to share your creations!

Categories to use:

All player added creations should have the category: Player Blueprints

Please also add one of the following: