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Staff is a feature added in Alpha 3. From the park UI, players click on the Park Management tab to access all the park business operations including the hiring and firing of staff members.  The food and drink premade buildings and shacks as well as all the ride booths already come with personel. In earlier Alpha builds, a pirate would appear when a Pirate themed pre-designed building was placed. With the addition of Staff, this may no longer be the case. 

Hiring staff also means maintaining them. Like staff at any job, they can be happy and excited to work or become moody and irritated and hate their job. Players will need to monitor their employees, train them, adjust pay or if nessessary, fire them. If they are fired, they will leave the park, but not before complaining as they head for the door. Severly unhappy staff may even quit.

Clicking on a staff avatar will bring up a window with three tabs - Information, Salary and Training.  

Staff Information window

Players currently have the option to hire Entertainers as well as Maintenance avatars. 

To locate a staff member in the park, click on Park Management. Click on the second tab - Staff List. This will bring up a list of all the staff members currently employed, seperated by their job type. 

Staff BuildingEdit

Staff now have their own building to take a break in. Having these available will help with staff happiness and statistics. Make sure to have a few of these available if your park is quite large. 


This group includes:


This group includes

  • Janitor
    • The Janitor walks around with a broom, sweeping up trash. The amount needed depends on the amount of pathways, as guests do not appear to be leaving trash anywhere else. Don't forget to put out Recycling Bins !
  • Mechanic
    • The Mechanics job is to repair anything that needs fixing. Rather than replacing a ride, just have the mechanic take a look. 
  • Security Guard
    • The Security Guard's job is simple: catch the vandals and wallet lifters before they leave the park with a few bucks more than what they came in with.