Planet Coaster - TV Screen 4m.png

Screens allow players to display pre-determined in-game ads, movie clips or static images. To use this feature, click on the TV display and in the menu use the drop-down options to select the image or clip to display. Turn the screen on to see the image.

Players can optionally add their own static images. To do this copy an image (.png, jpg, .bmp, .tiff, .tga) or videos (webm) to My Documents/Frontier Developments/Planet Coaster/UserMedia which will then become available to use in-game. Once the image has been added, select Image in the drop-down folder, then switch to User Images (tab) in the second drop-down. Your image should be available here.

There are multiple screen types in Planet Coaster. These include:

  • Projection Screen 16m
  • Projection Scren 16m - Lit
  • Projection Screen 32m
  • Projection Screen 32m - Lit
  • Projection Screen 4m 
  • Projection Screen 4m - Lit
  • Projection Screen 8m
  • Projection Screen 8m - Lit
  • TV Screen 1m
  • TV Screen 2m
  • TV Screen 4m
  • Video Wall Panel 2m
  • Video Wall Panel 2m Lit
  • Video Wall Panel 4m
  • Video Wall Panel 4m Lit
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