Planet Coaster Wiki

Staff on the Planet Coaster Wiki are volunteers who help run the community, create and moderate content on the wiki, and handle disputes among other users. Like all others, they deserve to be treated with respect. Abuse towards staff members will not be tolerated.

The Planet Coaster Wiki is currently looking for more staff. If you are interested in joining us, please read the appropriate section below.


Content Moderators

Content Moderators have the responsibility of ensuring the quality of content on the Planet Coaster Wiki remains high. This involves dealing with locked, protected pages and rolling back revisions if necessary. They must also patrol and watch pages, files, and users. Content moderators have the right to resolve editing disputes at their own discretion and are encouraged to help other users for the good of the wiki. However, they do not have the right to block users or offer warnings on behalf of administrators.

Our content moderators are:


Administrators, also knowns as admins and sysops, have the responsibility of running the community by blocking users, resolving disputes, and adding content. They can delete, merge and protect pages to support the wiki and are encouraged to serve the community. Administrators are vital, and should by friendly guides to newcomers and other editors.

Our administrators are:


Bureaucrat is the highest rank of staff member in the wiki, who have the power to assign and changer user rights, promote and revoke rollback, write community policy and manage the way the wiki is being run. However, with this power comes responsibility, and despite their higher position, bureaucrats are expected to contribute to the writing of content for the wiki like any other user.

Our bureaucrats are:

Staff Requirements

If you would like to join our staff team, please contact JakeHopkins98 on his talk page telling him you are interested in being promoted and joining the team. The requirements for each position are as follows:

Role Edits Page Creations* Time in previous position Time editing Previous bans More
Content Moderator 250 3 N/A 30 days None Sufficient community interaction
Administrator 750 5 30 days 90 days None Sufficient community interaction
Bureaucrat 5000 25 300 2 years None Sufficient community interaction

*Moving and redirecting pages does not qualify as page creation. These pages must also be in the wiki mainspace.

Exceptions to these requirements may be made on a case-by-case basis.