Planet Coaster Wiki

The Planet Coaster Wiki is a mess.

It can't be denied. The wiki has been abandoned, vandalised, and left in a terrible state. We -- the Planet Coaster community -- need to come together and save it.

A to-do list has been put together below. If you have any questions or would like to get involved, please contact @JakeHopkins98.

To-do list

  • Find and remove all vandalism . This is a tricky one given that the wiki has over 4,200 pages, and naturally we can't check through every one. Instead, if you come across content that you suspect is vandalism either remove it, or if the whole page is vandalism, then edit the page and add [[Category:Candidates for deletion]]. A moderator will then look at it and resolve the problem.
  • Clean up categories, redirects, duplicate pages, etc... Again, there are a LOT of these (especially) categories so any help is appreciated.
  • Fix the various infoboxes.
  • Write up additional content for rides, coasters and items. This can include real-life counterparts as well as information about what the ride/coaster can do and how a layout might typically look.
  • Condense scenery variations into one main page for each piece of scenery. This is being done so that the wiki does not have infinitely unnecessary pages and to remove its messy infrastructure. For example, the pages Ancient Golden Statue Eye 01; Ancient Golden Statue Eye 02 Left; Ancient Golden Statue Eye 02 Right; Ancient Golden Statue Eye 03, etc... can simply be condensed into "Ancient Golden Statue Eye", or, even better, "Ancient Golden Statue" if they are merged with the equally infinite and unnecessary variations of Ancient Golden Statue Arm 01 Left and Ancient Golden Statue Headdress 03.
  • Include information about behind-the-scenes. When I came to this wiki I was startled by the lack of behind-the-scenes articles detailing the creative team who made the game. Plenty of information can be found online, and the game itself has a credits list. Pick a name and start writing!
  • DLC pages must be written up. DLC content is currently spread across categories but instead should be written up into articles explaining some of the history, content, and real-world costs of them.
  • Patch notes should be transferred to subpages. Currently, patch notes of the game are spread across the wiki, but in future these should be condensed into subpages of the new page: Patch Notes.
  • Add information about Priority passes; Thememaker's Toolkit and Planco, all of which is lacking in abundance.
  • Build the community by creating community projects to work on via the Steam Community. If you have an idea, please contact @JakeHopkins98.
  • Determine the future of Planet Zoo on this wiki. Planet Zoo was featured on this wiki long ago but was never properly developed. A decision must be reached soon over its future.
  • Write up policies and guidelines for the wiki. Of course, this is for bureacrats only but we completely appreciate community input about how this wiki should operate. We are, after all, here for you.