Pickpockets are a variant of guests were introduced in the Spring Update. They will roam your park, looking for a victim. Once spotted, they will try to steal money from them.

Catching Pickpockets[edit | edit source]

There are three ways to catch pickpockets. They can be caught by security guards, when these see the pickpocket stealing. The security guards then automatically address the pickpocket, and eject him from the park.

Security Cameras are also able to see pickpockets, although their range might not be that big. If a camera catches someone pickpocketing, it will automatically send a free guard over to catch the pickpocket.

Finally, you can also find them yourself. If you find them, you can click the 'eject group' button (in the group information tab) which orders a free security guard to go to the pickpocket and throw the pickpocket out of the park. But beware, if the person is innocent, this might have negative consequences...

If you manage to find a pickpocket before he actually pickpocketed someone, (check 'Recognising Pickpockets to see how to do this), ejecting him is seen as correct. He will leave just as pickpockets who have already stolen something.

Recognizing Pickpockets[edit | edit source]

Pickpockets can be recognized in several ways. Firstly, their finances are not complete. They own more money (or have spent) than they brought with them/withdrew from ATM. This remains visible until they are caught or leave the park.

Pickpockets are always lone wolves; you will never see a group/duo/family of pickpockets.

They never get on rides as well, but they WILL buy food/drinks.

An easier method to spot, albeit for a shorter period of time, are the thoughts. Pickpockets have got some thoughts, indicating they have stolen something:

  • Picked from your pocket, into mine.
  • What's yours is mine, courtesy of pickpocketing.
  • Another pocket successfully picked.
  • Consider your pocket picked.
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