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Planet Coaster Magnificent Rides Collection

The trailer for the Magnificent Rides Collection DLC.

The Magnificent Rides Collection is a rides pack that was released on December 14th 2018. This was the first exclusive ride pack, and came with 3 coasters, 2 track rides, and 5 flat rides, totaling up to 10 rides.

New Attractions

  • S.L.V - Coaster enthusiasts have wanted to add this beautifully retro-designed coaster to Planet Coaster for a long time and it’s finally here! This superbly detailed classic features both a shuttle mode and a looping mode for maximum flexibility
  • Mind Melt - Brutally unforgiving in the extremes, this inverted coaster will really test your guests’ endurance on this recognisable classic
  • Vector - Planet Coaster’s most flexible coaster yet complete with a chain-lift and LSM for a multi-launch loop in one coaster, making for a smooth and advanced ride experience
  • Tracker - Enhance your guests’ dark ride experience with a 3D mover for up to 8 guests, which spins, pitches and banks to bring the ride’s story to life
  • Chair Lift - Why not treat your guests to fantastic views while transporting them around your park on the much-requested classic chairlift, with every detail lovingly crafted to create this mechanical marvel
  • HyperJump - Shoot for the stratosphere! The Hyperjump has loads of operations that allow you to vertically fling your guests in so many ways from the classic stall, and drop to the unforgiving multi-bounce, which is surprisingly flexible
  • Ascendance - A very similar experience and flexibility as the HyperJump but with a larger capacity and going to even larger extremes
  • Swift Eagles - A ride from the bygone era that has stood the test of time. Your guests will love sailing through the air, but watch out for the cheeky riders snapping the cars
  • Power Moves - A total powerhouse ride taking inspiration from travelling fairs, which comes with its own customisable background. There’s nothing more extreme than the Power Moves
  • Grand Carousel - Arguably one of the most beautiful and elegant fairground rides ever made and a true community favourite. It’s fun for all the family and will evoke fond memories for anyone


  • This was the first DLC pack to be specifically for adding new rides, before the Classic Rides Collection.