The Haunted Doll House was one of ten winners of the Haunted House Competition 2017. The creation is absolutely amazing and deserved all the praise it has received. The story that went with the blueprint is provided below. 

Haunted Doll House

Haunted Doll House

Haunted Doll House


What makes a house haunted?

Is it cobwebs and spiders?

The creaking doors, or crooked floors?

I imagine a house with a pleasant host, who entertains and gains the trust of friends and friends-to-be. He tells fantastic stories of creeping winds sweeping his house, of lightning strikes and ghostly sprites haunting the halls. They cannot help themselves, they are drawn to him like a flower beckoning the bees.

He’s harmless of course, full of nothing more than boasts and bluster. Yet, his stories go on. He regales childhood tales of slithering legs creeping from beneath the beds; of hidden chambers full of frightening terrors, such as saw blades dangling overhead. Indeed, my many friends, and many more to come, find me to be a great source of fun.

He would be a scholarly man, with a library vast, full of books of his craft. A self-taught engineer of art; an expert at taking things apart, and putting them back together again. My talent is best seen in my most prized possessions, my greatest obsessions: handmade dolls.

Small and tall, simple and grand, some would sit and some would stand. My dolls would receive a great deal of praise. My newest ones, I knew, were sure to amaze. Yet, no sooner were their praises proffered, that they saw the dolls were made from the best mankind had to offer.

Hair and skin, ribs and teeth, some still have looks of disbelief. Bones and brains, I pick them dry. I pluck their eyes before they cry; for my purpose my friends must… comply. My friends, redefined, are simply better this way; their figures, redesigned, are more willing to stay.

My latest friends are dearly departed, so let me just say that more friends are wanted. Now, my friends, what was I saying? That’s right, what do you think makes a house haunted?

By Chant