Planet Coaster Wiki

This is a list of things that need to be done on this community. Users with questions regarding this list, please contact an Admin

  • Look for changed prices. Items that were in beta or alpha have since changed prices. These need to be updated. 
  • DLC items are not yet completed. Several items still missing. 
  • Several decor items have been removed from the game. These need to have the Removed From Game category added and all other categories removed.
  • Creation and Gameplay Guides need updating. Need detailed guides for triggers, display sequencer, etc. 
  • Several images still do not have homes. 
  • Remove Custom category. Too redundant. (Admin may bot it out at some point). All items are custom unless they are a blueprint. Blueprint category stays. 
  • Add galleries to pages that do not have one. Provide images of the decor items in actual use. 

Notes on Editing

  • All categories excluding Decor and Guides are from the game. Do not add additional categories without Admin approval. 
  • Use the templates under Community in the Navigation Header. Do not create new ones without Admin approval. 
  • Do not create blank pages or pages with only the template and no additional informations. If these are found, they will be removed. 
  • User Blueprints (Steam Workshop) are allowed on this community. Featured Blueprints (main page) can have their own pages. All else must be placed in a user Blueprint gallery . These already exist. Please do not create new ones. Select the appropriate page from the list. Please provide an image of the finished blueprint from in-game and a link to the user's Workshop page that the Blueprint is featured on. Do not remove Blueprints from the gallery. 
  • User created Feature or Guide videos are allowed on this community and can be placed in appropriate pages but the videos must be informative and helpful and Planet Coaster gameplay related. They must also be free of vulgar or offensive/racial language. If it violates FANDOM policies, it violates the community's policy as well. Review videos (other than Official) are not wanted or needed. We already know it's a great game.
  • To recommend a page for deletion, replace the source text with:
    {{Delete}} Reason for deletion: 
    The admin will review the page and either remove or restore the article. If the page is restored, a reason why will be left on your talk wall. 

Notes on uploading images

  • Images can be jpg, gif or png. The file name must include the name of the item in the image. If the image is of a user made Steam Workshop blueprint, it must include the title of the blueprint and the user's name.