Planet Coaster - Custom Environment.png

Custom Environment is a flexible environment created due to player feedback. Rather than having only one biome type, this new environment allows players to create a park with a base terrain, a separate ambiance, and pre-determined terrain paints. This option is available for the Sandbox and Challenge Modes .

To create a Custom Environment, first name your Park, then select a base terrain. The currently available terrains include Alpine, Arctic, Deciduous, Tropical, Desert, and Grassland. This will be the type of terrain player's expect most of their theme to be placed in. Next, select an Ambience. This will determine the lighting and ambient sounds the guests will hear across the park regardless of the terrain type they are currently in. 

Lastly, select eight paint types to use in the Custom Environment. These will reflect the paints that can be used to paint terrain in the park. Once selected, these cannot be changed.

As an example, if a player enjoys the snowy mountains in the background of the Alpine evironment, but would like to see something of the same theme inside the park, they would select Alpine as a starting environment as well as the ambiance, but swap out at least one of the three rock types to one of the three Arctic rock types and change out one or more grass terrain paints for one or more snow paints. Then the player could create snow covered rocky areas and paint snow on and around it. With so much to choose from, the combinations could be quite interesting, but keep in mind there is a paint/texture limit of eight. Trying to create all six environments in a single park, would leave options for landscape details a bit limited. 

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