Blueprint window
A blueprint is a design map that can be found in-game or created by users to upload and share, and also keep in their game to be used again. To create a blueprint, The player needs to select a building or a coaster and in the options in the small window that pops up, select the "Save As Blueprint" option. Players will be asked to position the camera for a proper view of their creation, title it and give it a description. They will also need to set tags. The tags will categorize the blueprint. The price of the blueprint will be dependant on the amount of materials or decorations used to create the item.  

Players can share their Blueprints by uploading them to the Steam Workshop. Thousands have already been shared and the game is still in Alpha. Players can also share their blueprints on the wiki by either creating a page for their build and using the appropriate categories, or by placing it in one of several galleries. For more information on this, visit our Steam Workshop page. 

For a complete listing of both in-game and player Blueprints in this community, go to Category:Blueprint . Be sure to check out the How-To video below.