Advanced Move item
Horizonal move2
LMB - Select - Use the left mouse button to click on and select a building or item. To select multiple items, click the mouse button and hold it down on one side of the items desired, then drag the mouse to the opposite side. This will created a sizeable white box and when the mouse button in released, the items inside the box area will be selected as a group. 

RMB - Delete - Select an item using the left mouse button to select an item, then use the right mouse button to delete it. 

M - Move - This is used for basic horizontal movement of an object or blueprint.  

Shift - Raise/Lower - Displayes a green arrow that allows players to move an object vertically (Y-axis for those familier with the three dimentional Cartesian system). This is generally 'up' and 'down' unless the selected item has been rotated, at which point the green arrow could change to horizontal positioning. 

Control (Ctrl) - Displays both bidirectional blue and red arrows, allowing a more precise positioning of an item on a horizontal plane. In a three dimentional Cartesian system, this would be referred to as the X and Z axis. Use Ctrl with the mouse to lock the item to a surface axis. 

Z - Rotate - Tapping this key will rotate the item 90 degrees. Holding down the Z key will allow the player to rotate the item in small increments. 

Arrows after item has been rotated
- Toggle Advanced Move/Rotate - Pressing this key after clicking on an item will bring up the Advanced controls if they are available for the item selected. Players can also click on the item and select Advanced Move in the item's menu. Initially the three-axis options will be available. These are vertical and horizontal movements. Players will also see other options that can be clicked on with the mouse. Hitting the X key a second time with the item selected will change the movement options into rotations one, allowing the item to be rotated on all three axis. Use the X key to swap between these two advanced tools. 

Ctrl +D - Duplicate - After selecting an item, using Ctrl and the D key will duplicate the item and attact it to the mouse. This includes it's current axis and color scheme if applicable. The item can then be moved and placed using the basic or advanced tools.

Ctrl +X - Duplicate and Rotate - Using this combination will not only duplicate the item selected, but will also bring up the advanced tools for immediate use (not all items will have this function). 

Relative Axes - The axis stays relative to the item being rotated. 

World Axes - The axis stays relative to the environment. Up is always up.