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• 3/9/2019

I made a list of my top 10 player created parks from the Steam Workshop page.
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• 5/7/2018

Hotel Prestige

First time poster here!
I've been working on a Park over the weekend (sandbox) and I built a hotel for the park, however I'm having trouble raising the prestige level of the hotel so that I can ultimately charge more for the rooms and funnel different types of people to different hotels.
I've decorated the area with lots of scenery and terrain work, and I custom built all the hotel buildings and have perks activated, but my hotel is holding strong around 2-3 stars.
My question is: does anyone have any tips/suggestions for raising the prestige of a hotel?

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• 3/22/2017

Animals and zoos

I would like if we could maybe have some actual animals with some fences. Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 had animals, you could make a zoo! This game is WAY better than rct3, but it would be nice to have some animals. It would also be cool to have a safari truck ride.
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• 1/18/2017


What does it mean when it says XYZ is blocked from the front gate?
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• 12/25/2016

Thrillseeker Edition Steam Code Giveaway

Congratulations go to user Resture for winning the Thrillseeker Edition of Planet Coaster from Planet Coaster Wiki! Thank you to all who participated. The game is currently 15% off on Steam. Now is a great time to pick it up for yourself or a friend. Get it before the sale ends!
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• 12/20/2016

Coaster door colors

Will there be more coaster doors to come? and will we get the option to change the colors, really wanted to put one on my wooden coaster but the white doors messed with my ocd :P
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• 12/19/2016

Thrillseeker Edition Steam Code Giveaway

Want to win a copy of Planet Coaster? To enter this giveaway, please reply to this post and tell us what excites you the most about the game.

Users who reply to this post between 12/19/16 at 1pm (pst) and 12/23/16 9am (pst) will be eligible to win a copy of the Thrillseeker Edition of Planet Coaster. This is a Steam PC code for a version that was only available prior to launch. It includes the gold Coaster King mascot, digital sketchbook, official soundtrack and a gold avatar hat for your avatar.

The key was provided by Frontier Developments for this Community Holiday Promotion. The winner will be randomly selected and notified using the email associated with their Fandom user account. Please respond to the email within 5 days or you will no longer be eligible and another user will be selected. After the contest is over, this post will be removed and we will create a new post congratulating the winner. Good Luck!
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• 11/17/2016

The game has officially launched!!!

I am so excited! Not that I haven't been able to play already but I am thrilled to see it actually out of beta and off the ground. I'm sure there will be more additions and fine-tuning along the way but the game itself is in great shape already. The tools are amazing as are the graphics. I left my review on Steam just moments ago. Nicely done Frontier Developements!
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• 9/14/2016

Hogwarts Park to be our first featured park.
Hogwart's Park and HogsMeade by M0tuRs
Hogwart's Park and HogsMeade by M0tuRs Planet Coaster Wiki
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• 9/13/2016

FantasyLand Welcome Book

Found this amazing blueprint at Steam. It was created by Crybio. Wanted to be the first to share it on the wiki!
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• 8/28/2016

Need more time to play!

I've been working on the wiki off and on for months. Need more editors so I have more time to play. I have a park but it's not amazing like some of the user pics I have seen. In fact it's boring in comparison. I love that you can change wall colors.
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